Need to watch the video and respond with your thoughts

This is a homework for Environment class, need to answer question and write 600 words about what your thought after watch the video, and in the end of the paragraph, write a question about this article( include your reference).
This is the question you need to solve and write about “Recently, average tariff rates have decreased significantly as a result of increased WTO membership. We have, however, seen significant increases in the number of anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases filed by nations as they dispute the trade practices of others. The effects of these punitive tariffs are similar to those effects upon the economy when tariffs are used as a form of protectionism, but these punitive tariff rates are much higher and cause price levels of final goods to increase dramatically.
Please watch this video and respond with your thoughts on the effects of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on productivity and economic growth. Consider the difference between sporadic and persistent dumping as well as how thoughtful pricing strategies may be used to avoid some of the negative economic effects upon firms when they take advantage of available government assistance.” This is video link “
And then, if that is ok for you, I really need you to read other two reviews, I will get those two reviews until tomorrow night, and then I will send you. you just need to read those two reviews and write what you think, 350 words for each of review.

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