Negative Impact of Social Networks on People and Society.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Negative Impact of Social Networks on People and Society. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. While using social networking websites, the major consideration lies for the children having unwanted chat with harmful predators. According to the host of Dateline NBC’s, Chris Hansen in “to catch a predator”, he gave a serious warning regarding the alarming trend of sexual crimes by these predators (Ybarra 250). There is a general belief that child predators on the internet are elder human beings, who never disclose their real age and they only chat with children and stealthy involve them in sexual activities. Some renowned internet-based researchers including Ybarra learned about 1,700 internet-related sex crimes cases in 2008 (Ybarra 250). Opposite to what is perceived by many people and TV show hosts, the research suggests that 99% of the predator’s victims are not young infants but teenagers using the internet (Ybarra 250). The major crime related to the internet under this category is statutory rape and non-forcible sex crimes.
The numbers of contacts with unknown predators or strangers, however, are very less i.e. only 7% of the young teenagers feel misuse or uncomfortable while chatting (Lenhart 2008). The more alarming point is that out of 7%, only 3% let their parents or elders know about the uncomfortable situation that resulted from the stranger’s chat (Lenhart 2008). This shows that children are less likely to report online-based problems.
Online bullying is also termed cyberbullying. The cyberbullying problem is considered the most extensive problem that can impact every single teenager using the internet. The researchers have given a percentage of 40 to 70% determining the high rate of incidents involving cyberbullying (Lenhart 2008). The acts that come under the heading of cyberbullying include sending threatening messages as the major activities and a less aggressive one is forward private messages just like disclosing a secret note.

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There are many parents and counselors worried about the exposure of sexual content or pornography to young children through SNS. Along with this, sharing of pornographic links can take place through such websites easily.
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