Negotiation Experience: Lessons Learned from Selling Flat Screen TV.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Negotiation Experience: Lessons Learned from Selling Flat Screen TV. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. In an online report entitled The Art of Negotiation, negotiation is defined as a basic means of getting what one party wants from another party (Filipovich & Watercourse 1). It occurs when the two parties have conflicting and complementary interests.
Principled negotiation, as posited in the same report, involves the separation of people from the problem being tackled. the focusing on the two parties’ interests rather than each one’s position. the invention of options for mutual gain. and the use of objective criteria all throughout the activity (Filipovich & Watercourse 2).
Separating people from the problem means using joint problem-solving techniques by establishing harmonious communication and being critical to each one’s emotions and perceptions on the topic of negotiation. Focusing on each party’s interests entails the drive to be objective. Inventing options for mutual gain means exploring other opportunities that could be tapped without veering too much from the goals set. Using objective criteria means having a legitimate standard that guides the negotiation process (usually backed up by credible information).

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Preparation is essential in negotiation as the party should not only decide on what issues to discuss during the negotiation, but the basic strategy that he will employ as well (accommodating, avoiding, competitive, or collaborative).
My experience in selling my flat screen television will be divided according to the three clients that I have made a deal with my sophomore friend named Luis, members of the web community portal in my apartment, and users of
As a background, I decided to sell this item for I deemed it cheaper than selling a brand new one—thus, helping me attract a wide range of buyers. I bought it three years ago in the local best buy for $450.
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