Network security is an essential part of information technology

25 May Network security is an essential part of information technology
Network security is an essential part of information technology and our everyday lives. We rely on it for checking email, protecting social media accounts, online purchases, and banking transactions. It is also important for organizations to maintain network security to avoid security breaches to confidential and proprietary information.

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For this assignment, you are the director of IT security for a financial industry organization. You have been asked by the corporate leadership to write a memo on network security that should examine what happens when network security fails and best practices for performing a network security analysis.
Specifically, you should write a 700- to 850-word memo that does the following:
-Describes organizations that have had their networks hacked and the outcomes of the attacks
-Discusses the importance of network security to the financial industry organization
-Discusses 5 common ways networks get hacked with at least 3 being related to switches or routers
-Discusses the security advantages of IP version 6 over IP version 4
-Examines the value of performing a network security analysis for organizations by applying foundational networking concepts
-Lists recommendations for performing network security analysis for the financial industry organization
Cite sources to support your assignment.

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