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I am doing an experiment called Nuclear Decay and Gamma-ray Spectroscop. I want you to graph the data
I also have attached the handout guide.
For part Nuclear decay. You will use the excel file called Lab #1-341. remember that I have graphed that one. I just want you to find the error and slops for each data and average for this part the graphs are in a file called Lab 341 graphs . Furthermore, I want you to find half life. Moreover, For the second part, you will use the file called spectrum data for the part called Experiment #2 [ Gamma Spectra of Common Sources & Identification of an Unknown source], & Experiment #4: [ Compton Scattering] in the handout sheet. . I want you to graph those for spectrum data. Moreover, I want you to find the Error if it’s easy to do. I know the 1st part is easy, but I am not sure about that one. Moreover, you will use Experiment #1 [Energy Calibration]: for the file called Decay lab. For this part I have graphed the datas. If you want to check my graphs see the file called Lab 341 graphs. I just want you for this part to find the error and slop for each graph and the average as well.
In short words,
1- I want you to graph for spectrum data and let me know what source is each. and how did you know that.
2- I want you to find the slop and error percentage for Nuclear decay file and Decay lab file of each graph. see what else you can solve. if you can correct anything wrong in my data and graph.

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