NUR 313 Pediatrics CASE STUDY, assignment help

NUR 313 Pediatrics CASE STUDY
The purpose of the case study is for you to apply book learning to real-life situations. Never is the care of the child as perfect as the book may sound. You need to apply critical thinking skills as well as the knowledge you are attaining in this class to present the case study.
This case study will be on a child of your choice (not your own child) aged 6 months to 17 years of age. You will provide a comprehensive evaluation of this child to include:
1. Demographics of the child: age, school?, birth order, etc.
2. Social, past and current medical, birth (if under one year), family, medication, surgical history of the child. More may be included if applicable.
3. Vitals, plotted height and weight and head circumference if less than 3 years of age.
4. Family genogram or map going back 2 generations with medical conditions.
5. Current medications, illnesses, diseases/disorders with explanation and references, if any.
6. Psychosocial development based on TWO of the developmental theorists with your reasoning, examples of behavior/language, etc. that supports your choice explaining your choice.
7. Parental concerns: acute or chronic observations with evaluation of how you addressed these: include any referrals to social agencies, schools or specialists, etc. Provide agency names, phones, etc.
8. Nutritional status of the child. Daily intake of foods, drink: does it meet the child’s caloric needs? Patient education is key here. Please list all the areas of this child’s nutritional status that you will address and your plan to address them with the parent. Is the child a picky eater? Toddler? Vegan? Adolescent afraid of weight gain? Young athlete? What are the special considerations for your child regarding nutritional status?
9. Physical exam: Head to Toe. Present this as you would in the assessment part of a SOAP note with proper abbreviations. Don’t forget Tanner staging if the child is over age 8.
10. Using BRIGHT FUTURES reference, discuss key health promotion of this child’s development along with anticipatory guidance for the next 6 months to a year of this child’s life. List at least 4.
11. Discuss any findings you uncovered during this evaluation. Formulate 3-5 nursing diagnoses with proper terms and interventions for this child. How will you evaluate your interventions?
12. Summary and closure to this case study: 2-4 sentences describing this activity from a nursing point of view. “I liked doing this” is not acceptable. Use your critical thinking skills to conclude the case study from a BSN prepared nurse point of view.

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