NUR4776 Florida State College Electronic Health Records as Workaround Analysis

everything for directions are in the attached document. PLEASE note all of the highlighted areas, this will help with focal point and order of paper.
I. CONTENT–Written in 3rd person perspective

Introduction (Use subheading: Introduction) (¾ – 1 page)

– Introduce and clearly define a workaround
-Include substance, prevalence, stats about workarounds (or issues related to workarounds) relevant source (i.e. AHRQ, CDC, CMS, DOH)
– Why are workarounds important to acknowledge?
-Present the purpose of the paper – LAST sentence in this section should state: The purpose of this paper is to…

The Workaround (Use subheading: Workaround) (1 – 1 ½)

– Clearly Describe a situation where a workaround was used (experienced, witnessed, or discussed at work or during clinical). (May use 1st person this section)
Be clear, to the point with pertinent detail, logical transition of thought (Caution this section only describes the situation, the cause is discussed further in the paper)

Quality Indicator (Use subheading: Quality Indicator) (¾ – 1 page)

– What quality indicator was most affected and how? (See course module for information on quality indicators and explore quality indicators, as well through relevant sources)
– What policy was most affected/involved or indirectly related – all procedures and processes are directly or indirectly related to a policy – if you cannot find it – a court of law will- it is best you are first aware (please cite your policy)

Stakeholders and Systems (Use subheading: Stakeholders and Systems) (¾ – 1 page)

– What stakeholders, systems, departments, and staff were involved (stakeholders, companies, stock and supply, communication, staff, patients, families, community, etc)?
– What information systems (persons, paper, or electronic)
– What technology(s) was involved?

Root Cause (Use subheading: Root Cause) (¾ – 1 page)

– Now that you were able to break apart some of the components, what likely led to the workaround? (May use 1st person this section)

Solutions (Use subheading: Solutions) (1 – 1 ½)

-Discuss possible solutions to improve workflow, quality, and safety.
-What possible solution(s) do you propose to improve workflow, quality, and safety?
– What literature supports your solution (MINIMUM of TWO peer reviewed RESEACH articles)? This is key to support your proposal- be clear-present significance. (include the research design, purpose-what was explored, sample (who) & sample size, findings (with stats/p-values for quantitative and themes for qualitative)
(– review recording in the course: Literature Search – CF Library – helpful hint: include the word “effective” in your keywords to better yield research articles)
-What was the level of evidence of the literature? – high, moderate, low – how did you determine this level

Barriers (Use subheading: Barriers) (¾ – 1 page)

– What barriers may be evident to implementing your proposed solution?

Change Theory (Use subheading: Barriers) (¾ – 1 page)

-What change theory or model may be helpful to implement your proposal? Clearly explain how you would apply it to your proposed solution.

Summary and Conclusion (Use subheading: Summary and Conclusion) (¾ – 1 page)

– Recap your paper (this should be one paragraph: In summary, this paper explored…).
– Closing statement (one paragraph: In conclusion…)
– Implications and recommendations for practice (i.e. future research – i.e. pilot study to test the effectiveness of your proposed solution)


Style Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.)
Organization of ideas (transition of paragraphs; use of subheadings)

-Paper Format: APA including title page (title must reflect topic not type of assignment ie Bar Codes and Medication Errors – not Workaround Paper), running head, citations and references.

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