ONLINE-Quiz for Weeks 3 & 4

The quiz will open on Wednesday at 7:00 am and be available through 11pm central on Sunday.   This quiz will cover the readings and materials from weeks 3 & 4.  You will have one hour to complete the quiz.I HAVE ATTACHED READINGS AND OTHER MATERIAL NEEDED ALSO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO MY CHEGG!!!1. Read chapter 8 in the Barnett et al. textbook.Read chapter 9 in the Barnett et al. Text2. Read Chapters 1 through 4 in the Weiss Book.Read Chapters 5 through 12 and the afterword in the Weiss book.3. Watch the video Domestic Abuse in Public (See the link on Moodle).4. Read the Eisikovitz and Buchbinder Article: Pathways to Disenchantment: Battered Women’s Views of Their Social Workers5. Review the DV Wheels6 Watch the video on the Power and Control Wheel.7. Review my short Powerpoint: “What SocialWorkers Need to Know about DV”.8. WATCH AGAIN….. WATCH…. Watch the Tony Porter video on Youtube and comment on the video as a part of your weekly discussion board assignment.11. Read The Letter to a Perpetrator and comment on the letter as a part of your weekly discussion board assignment.12. Read Tutty, L. M., Bidgood, B.A., Rother, M.A., & Bidgood P. (2001).  An evaluation of men’s batterer treatment groups.Research on SocialWork Practice, 11(6), 645-670.13. Read Buchbinder, E., Eisikovits, Z.(2008). Doing treatment: Batterers’ experience of intervention.Children and Youth Services Review,30, 616-630.WATCH AGAIN!!!
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