Open and follow the instructions for completing this template – Startup Step 1 – Past, Present, and Future Self.docx download Startup Step 1 – Past, Present, and Future Sel

04 Jul Open and follow the instructions for completing this template – Startup Step 1 – Past, Present, and Future Self.docx download Startup Step 1 – Past, Present, and Future Sel

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Starter Step #1 – You Past, Present, and Future Self
This assignment asks you to reflect on your experiences and aspirations. In doing so, we hope you will be able to consider strategies for improving your journey from where you are to where you would like to travel. You can consider your responses below as an initial effort to become more mindful of how your current choices influence future opportunities for realizing a fun, creative, meaningful, rewarding, entrepreneurial life. 

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Please respond to the following questions by reflecting on your experiences and aspirations. Be real – no one is judging you (our grades are based on your thoughtfulness and clarity, not the life you describe). Your responses should average approximately 3-4 authentic, thoughtful, clear, well-written sentences (you may want to write more to these provocative prompts but keep your descriptions concise – strong editing is part of good storytelling!). My Past Self:
1. What past experiences offered the most positive influences on your current interests and aspirations for your future?
2. What past experiences have contributed the most to developing specific talents, skills, and capabilities that you possess and enjoy?
3. What past efforts or achievements serve as personal sources of pride (i.e., success stories)?
4. What are your biggest regrets with respect to past choices that might affect your future career options and success (i.e., failures stories – past challenges/failures you may overcome one day)
My Present Self:
1. Which of your current experiences is most directly related to promoting/fulfilling your personal interests and aspirations?
2. How do your favorite current activities affect your aspirations and capabilities? Are they making you more/less empowered to achieve personal and professional success?
3. Describe one specific activity you are doing currently that you would be excited to share during a job interview, and describe the personal characteristics you hope others would attribute to you based on this activity?
4. What is the most time-consuming activity you engage in now that you would be embarrassed to admit during a job interview, and what personal attributes do you think this would portray to others?
My Future Self:
1. What does personal success look like for you? What outcomes would you like to achieve in 15-20 years? (think hard about this one!)
2. How will your professional efforts create value and benefits for others? What difference would you like to make in other peoples’ lives?
3. What changes might you consider in your current behavior to better align your efforts with your interests/aspirations, skills, and desired impact (and minimize future regrets)? The intersection of your interests, talents, and impact on others is a great place to look for meaning and purpose in your personal and professional experiences!

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