Operating position and financial situation of Travis Pekins Plc.

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Operating position and financial situation of Travis Pekins Plc. It has also acquired ToolStation on 3rd January 2012. The merger of Travis Perkins and the BSS Group creates a new British plc. The company will now operate 19 separate businesses from over 1,700 branch location across the UK (Kilby, 2011, p.1).
The mission describes the basic function of the company in the society, in terms of the product and services it produces for its customers. It includes purpose, strategies and scope, values and standards and behaviour of the organisation. The purpose for the existence of Travis Perkins is to create wealth for the shareholders and to satisfy the needs of its employees, creditors and the society. They seek mutual benefits with all stakeholders, think about the impact of their actions and they search for similarities between their decisions and customers expectations.
The strategies and the scope of the company include the competences through which it tries to succeed and its method of competing. It provides complete building material solutions to everyone creating, repairing, maintaining and improving the built environment, thus helping to build Britain. They guarantee that anyone in Britain who wants to contact for any kind of building material through any form of supply channel will have Travis Perkins operation as their first choice. It defines the nature of their business.

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The standards and behaviour of Travis Perkins includes delivering deliver better returns by growing the best businesses with operations and outstanding people. They actively work with each other. when something goes wrong, they fix the problem in spite of blaming others. They challenge themselves how they work and they look for fresh ideas that are different from others. They apply rules where it is necessary.
The values which they offer are: they understand their customer needs, treat them with respect, beat their expectations and know their major customers personally.
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