Please use Shortest-Job-First (SJF) Scheduling algorithm to schedule the following processes: write the gantt chart of the schedule and calculate waiting time of each process. Assume all the processes come at time 0
1. If processes arrive at the times shown and need the indicated burst times, please use Shortest-remaining-time-first algorithm to schedule these processes and calculate waiting time of each process.
The rate-monotonic scheduling algorithm schedules periodic tasks using a static priority policy with preemption. (A priority is assigned based on the inverse of the process’ period: shorter period=higher priority and longer period=lower priority) We have two process P1 and P2. The process P1 has a period of p1=50 and a CPU bust of t1=30; the process P2 has a period of p2=80 and a CPU burst time of t2=40. The deadline for each process requires that it complete its CPU burst by the start of its next period. Now we have 100 time slices, please use the rate-monotonic algorithm to schedule these two process P1 and P2; point out whether these two processes complete their first tasks before their first deadline; finger out the number of context switches.

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