Project Overview
This project focuses on the knowledge needed to understand the important role nutrition and diet play when there is an alteration in health. A disease is selected as the foundation of the project. Its etiology and progression is explored to best understand the overall regimen used to treat the disease. Focus is on assessment and interventions that lead to appropriate and effective nutrition and the approach and reasons for a recommended diet. Also included is a brief outline of what to include in client education about the recommended diet and the strategies needed to ensure adherence to it.

Must be 6 – 8 pages.
Must include an introductory paragraph that describes the entire project.
The project must have all of the following: identification of the alteration in health (disease), the role nutrition plays in the prevention of this disease, its etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diet, type of nursing assessment and nursing interventions needed with regard to nutrition, outline of what should be included in client education and two strategies to help ensure adherence (overcome barriers) to the recommended diet.
Must have a title page and an APA Editorial formatted Reference page with at least four scholarly peer reviewed references. There must also be appropriate APA Editorial formatted in-text citations.

I have provided the outline for the paper that includes the thesis. Two of the resources have to be scholarly reviews or articles. Thank you. 
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