Outline discussion on Parental Involvement in Early Years Setting.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Parental Involvement in Early Years Setting. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In most cases, children who enjoy significant parent involvement during the early years of life exhibit positive and proper growth and development later in teenage years and adulthood. Children who receive little or limited parental input in their early life tend to exhibit negative and misdirected development and growth during their teenage and adult life. Practitioners tend to face some barriers in their efforts of encouraging parental involvement in early life settings of the children. However, considering the importance of involvement of parents, practitioners have devised strategies to overcome any barriers against parental involvement.
Parental involvement in early year settings of their children bears much importance to all the participants in shaping the early development of a child. To begin with, involvement enhances the relationship between parents and their children (Bett 2009, pg. 5). This fosters proper emotional, social and intellectual development of children. Involvement of parents in the early years setting of children supplies knowledge about the development of children and provides opportunities for positive reinforcement, which in turn reduces punishments on children for misbehaving (Share, Kerrins & Greene 2011, pg 4). Another benefit of parental involvement relates to the ability of parents to understand and appreciate the work of service providers, which can motivate practitioners to improve the quality and level of care. Lancaster (2008) adds that the involvement of parents in early years of life helps in enforcing directions that will reduce the possibility of a child being subject to special education or remedial programmes that may be expensive. Furthermore, parental involvement in early stages of children’s development ensures training of children about good social skills that can enhance safety and security of the children later as they develop into teenage and adulthood (Peck 2014).&nbsp.
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