Outline on Resistance in Medically Important Pest and its Significance on Military Preventive Medicine.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Resistance in Medically Important Pest and its Significance on Military Preventive Medicine. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. &nbsp.Russell (2001) defines environmental health as that branch public health that deals with all issues and aspects of the natural and artificial environment that may affect human health.It is concerned majorly with the protection of the environment to benefit man.&nbsp. It is not to be confused with environmental protection, which seeks to protect the environment for its own sake (Russell in cit.). It encompasses all physical, chemical and biological factors around a human being, as well as the related factors that affect behaviours. He also clarifies that the discipline excludes all behavior and practices not related to the environment and the behavior associated with the social and cultural environment. Environmental medicine, a term that is not yet fully established, often serves as a synonym to environmental health.
Social and ecological vulnerability to environmental disasters are the results of increased erosion of resilience prior to and post the disaster (Harrison, 2011). Firm socio-ecological systems call for diversified systems for tolerating and combating unexpected occurrences. This is an implication that the successful handling of environmental issues demands a concerted effort in multi-level governance to enhance the ability to cope with such. Both the military, the local residents as well as the federal governments have a part to play in the successful control of environmental hazards. In this case, resilience will bring to thought the complex ability of a system to self-organize and develop for learning and adapting a capacity.
The United States Army Centre for Environmental Health Research (USACEHR) seeks to develop capabilities to detect, assess and prevent health hazards from adverse environmental and psychological exposure (Black, 2004). They have facilitated and conducted several pieces of research on the measurement, surveillance, and elimination of harmful chemicals and materials.

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Among the many environmental issues tackled by the military, pest control and eradication has become one of the most important fields. This is because pests and diseases pose the second fatal threat to military activities after the enemy’s weapon (Russell 2001).&nbsp.
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