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Late (- 3 if not turned in at the beginning of your lab,
-5 points/day including weekends). You will print off your report, staple the pages and give it to your lab instructor.
Format: Font 12 pt Times New Roman (TNR), one-inch margins, 1 double spaced, name and section number 12 pt TNR at the top of the first page, 1 left hand justified, page numbers bottom center, all section titles of 1 report bolded, section title must not be floating- must be with narrative,
no cover page, no clip art, no printing flaws such as lack of toner
Title: Descriptive title, bolded 12 pt TNR, centered 1
Explanation of Osmosis 1 Describe a least one previous study with one primary literature source as it relates 2 to osmosis
What is purpose of experiment, describe and explain the experiment, 1 The four hypotheses and four predictions defined 2 (0.5 pts each for each hypotheses and predictions)
Use of past, passive tense 2 Include set up of pseudo cells, solutions used, determination of mass over time, 2 generation of graph and table
Begins with a one paragraph narrative explaining purpose and design Clear text description of results that proceeds table/figure
Table 1 with change in mass over time values
Figure 1- four-line graph, best bit line. Legend
References to figure and legend in text
Literature Cited/References (minimum 2 required, 1 primary source) Inclusion of citations/APA format
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation (0.25 off for every error) Comments:
2 2 2 2 1
2 10-point limit
Points Possible
Points Earned

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