paper on domestic violence: women facing abuse in their home. Domestic violence was allowed as long as husbands beat their wives in a way that was considered “the rule of thumb”

Write a 16 pages paper on domestic violence: women facing abuse in their home. Domestic violence was allowed as long as husbands beat their wives in a way that was considered “the rule of thumb” following Old English Law (Ansgar 1994). Therefore, many years ago it was common for wife beating to occur and it was indeed tolerated along as it did not step outside the moral boundaries that English officials had established. For instance, extreme marks and bruises that were fully noticeable in public were criticized and were recognized as not being signs of decent chastising of the wives from their husbands.
The truth of this matter. that many feminist activist groups claim is that perhaps some males are still stuck in this old common law and believe that they are doing no wrong. This by no means justifies such violence and today these groups verify that the English courts will not tolerate or stand for this type of domestic activity by any standard at all (Sommers-Hoff 1994, pg. 203). The fact that needs to definitely identify is that despite how fluent wife beating use to be, and no matter how acceptable English law use to define it, it does not have to continue to be a societal issue that lies unattended or unfixable. Matter of factly, domestic violence does not have to remain a “rule of thumb” in England or anywhere in the world. It does not have to follow the background of English law and carry on the traditional idiom from an old law that absolutely makes no sense in today’s time era. In actuality, the truth be known, it really made no logical sense back in the Old English days either but then the law was the law and no one had the right or ability to refute it. Needless to say, obviously times have definitely changed.
Now, in the present day, the legal bodies in England have worked very fluidly in their attempts to come to understand and recognize the signs of domestic violence. They utilize an interdisciplinary approach and focus on the causes, nature, the consequences, and possible treatment regimens that could be established to minimize this type of violent crime in the various communities within England (Feder 1999, pg. 2). Whether the old laws abided by some form of domestic chastising against women is regardless today. As was stated, domestic violence is a severe crime and one that is now being targeted by law enforcement in order to control it and implement strategies to eradicate it from society. Resources are available for women in order to assist them in getting the help they need to recover from abuse that has occurred inside their home. They do not have to deal with this type of violence alone anymore as the law now recognizes how deadly it can be to the physical and psychological well being of those who are victims of it.

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The Seriousness of Domestic Violence in England
Violence in the UK today, specifically domestic violence has become one of the top concerns of health and legal officials within the countries of England, Britain, and in Australia as well. according to the research compiled and investigated by Sivarajasingam & Shepherd (2000, pg. 105). The current evidence of domestic violence in England and Wales, in particular, has two main sources that it stems from.
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