Do not include a cover page or table of contents Minimun of 10 Pages-double spaced
Researching these individual categories separately will be easier than trying to deal with everything at one time. Note that this is just a starting point for your research. You will add many additional items under each of these major categories.
Operating Systems
Operating Systems

Identify the operating systems and hardware platforms found on your company’s servers and user workstations. There could be a diverse range. Why were these server operating systems chosen?
How many servers of each type are deployed?
How many workstations of each type are deployed?
How are security updates handled?


Identify mission critical server applications on which your company would depends for business to continue hour by hour. Identify second tier server applications.
Identify custom desktop user applications developed by your company to assist employees in their everyday tasks. Exclude COTs products like MS Office.
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP): Does your company have an ERP system in place and what vendor? Example… SAP
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: Does your company have a CRM system in place and what vendor?
Collaboration Systems: Has your company deployed SharePoint or another collaboration tool for employees?

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