PART 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Type everything single-spaced. Insert page numbers bottom r

PART 1 INSTRUCTIONS:Type everything single-spaced.Insert page numbers bottom right-hand corner.Use 12-inch font, do not justify right-hand margin.For both parts, copy the whole question with its number and type answer under.Must use APSA format in-text citations with one page number for all short answers.For lecture slides, use this format listing the month: (Lecture February 1, slide 6).Content, grammar, format, and spelling have impact on grading.PART 2 INSTRUCTIONS:Follow all requirements stated in points 2-7 above.After each completed essay, type a complete APSA format bibliography of all sources you used and cited in the essayEssay should be between 450-550 words long.No outside sorucesmust be in APSA formatAlso please make sure you follow all the steps provided and use both the textbook and othet source providedThe two chapters of the textbook count as one source

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