Pathophysiology and nursing management of client’s health

Examine an x-ray of a patient diagnosed with pneumonia due to infection with Mucor in order to complete the following questions
Critical Thinking Questions

Explain what Mucor is and how a patient is likely to become infected with Mucor. Describe the pathophysiologic progression of the infection into pneumonia and at least two medical/nursing interventions that would be helpful in treating the patient.
Examine the laboratory blood test results and arterial blood gases provided in “Discussion Question Resource: Laboratory Blood Test Results.” What laboratory values are considered abnormal? Explain each abnormality and discuss the probable causes from a pathophysiologic perspective.
What medications and medical treatments are likely to be prescribed by the attending physician on this case? List at least three medications and three treatments. Provide rationale for each of the medications and treatments you suggest. Discussion Question Resource: Laboratory Blood Test Results Laboratory Blood Test Results and Arterial Blood Gases

Na 141 meq/L
Mg 1.7 mg/dL
pH 7.50

K 4.5 meq/L
PO4 2.9 mg/dL
PaO2 59 mm Hg on room air

Cl 105 meq/L
Glu, fasting 138 mg/dL
PaCO2 25 mm Hg

HCO3 29 meq/L
Hb 13.7 g/dL

BUN 16 mg/dL
Hct 39.4%

Cr 0.9 mg/dL
WBC 15,200/mm³

Ca 8.7 mg/dL
Lymphocytes 10%

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