Pay for Performance – Hospital Purchasing Models Reading Discussion

After reading the information on pay for performance (including the old P4P and the new Value-Based Hospital Purchasing models) and watching the video on motivation you should have some background on this topic. Pay for performance is a complicated issue, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, complications are the sometime unavoidable result of the use of medical devices like ventilators and intravenous catheters. On the other hand, many problems are potentially preventable. One argument in favor of pay for performance is that it would encourage more hospitals and health care professionals to adhere to the guidelines, which could potentially save lives and reduce health care costs. Unfortunately, I fear that many of these complications may not be preventable, even when guidelines are followed, and the rule is merely an attempt to further reduce payments to hospital systems that are already on shaky ground financially.
Question: Do you think we can have NO falls, NO cases of urinary tract infections, etc. Have you had direct experience with pay for performance? Some hospitals will experience significant cuts in their payments because of pay for performance but should they if they don’t prevent these “Preventable errors”.
2 to 3 Paragraphs in length and be convincing enough that I would want to take your position on the issue. You may use whatever resources you would like to answer this question but do NOT plagiarize. If you use someone else’s words then provide a reference.
APA STYLE PLEASE must reference the target article and any other articles you use in your response.

Additionally, you must cite in-text direct quotes and paraphrased information. you must reference/cite in APA. See the guide in Course Information – do this for EVERY post in this course’s DB’s
Additional posts are encouraged and will be evaluated for the participation component of the DB grade
In responses, always indicate to whom you are responding

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