Phenotypic Significance of CREB-1 Gene Neurogenesis Discussion Questions

Phenotypic significance of CREB-1 gene.
1. This should include information that answers the question, “why should I care about this gene?”
2. You will need to explain why this gene is important and why knowing about it is important. This does not mean that the gene has to have human application. It is sufficient that the gene be important for the survival of a particular organism or that it creates an interesting phenotype.
3. Aim for 2 pages. Include relevance not just to humans but also OTHER SPECIES like Aplysia, etc. — talk about diseases involved with CREB deficiency, Synaptic Plasticity (like in Aplysia), Neurological Diseases, Types of Melanoma Cancer, etc.
4. 1’ margins on all sides set in Times New Roman font size 12. The document should be double spaced.
5. Sources must come from peer reviewed journal articles. These may be experimental studies or reviews. References should be formatted as follows: Full author list. (year). Title. Journal title . Volume #(Issue #). Page #s

Please follow the above directions exactly. Should you need any more explanation please let me know!

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