please explain, a.) what the implicit association test claimed were your implici

please explain, a.) what the implicit association test claimed were your implicit preferences on the topic selected, between the subtopics within the assessment. And, b) assume, just for the purposes of completing the essay (and pretend if you need to), that the results do in fact reflect real conditioning in the form of cultural, social, personal and generational events that have a cause and effect relationship with your test scores. To achieve the best grade your answer will explain what these events might be if the test results are or were accurate. This exercise does not assume that you agree with the test results, or that you agree that the results of implicit association are correct in your case. Whether you agree or not, you are asked to explain what forms of conditioning would cause you or a person to have those results if they were in fact conditioned in a social, cultural or generational way by them.

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