PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES IN THE PR3 THE PEOPLE PORTFOLIO DOCUMENT!!!!****** USE THE POWERPOINT TO HELP WITH THE REPORT*****The final report is narrative writing as opposed to bullet points. Each section (see below) should alsohave an introduction, findings, and conclusion with transitions between paragraphs.FINAL PEOPLE PORTFOLIO1. Cover sheet w title, image2. Introduction: Describe the Yard. Include what it says about itself—what it’s supposed tobe for the community3. Methods: Observation, mapping, demographic & survey research4. Data: Maps, photos, diagrams, etc. with some description & titles5. Findings: What did you learn about the place? Support your claims by referencingyour data6. Summary/ Reflection: Short summary + reflection on what aspects of the course changed howyou “see” a landscape—give examples.7. APA 7 References: Min. 5 research references re: the Yard, List of Illustrations (if not yourown). Use a note-unless otherwise referenced, all images are by the author.RESEARCH about The YardA. Use at least 5 sources for your bibliography. Search for local newspapers, websites, or blog entriesabout The Yard. Is there relevant historical information? What story does The Yard tell about itself?You can also search for information about people you see in your place. For instance, if you see signsof homelessness, you research this topic in New Brunswick. Perhaps there are closed storesadjacent to The Yard, and you could investigate why stores have been closing which could impacthow people use this place.What implications does your research have for your report? Prepare a section for your paper thatsummarizes your findings. Make in-text citations.

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