Please respond to each of these 5 questions. Double-space, use full sentences an

Please respond to each of these 5 questions. Double-space, use full sentences and provide citations and references for each question where appropriate. Use APA format. There is no page limit or requirement.Compare and contrast the original 1+3 and the more recent 1+3 models generated by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. Given that those models are now “dated,” and there are new issues and items on the Knight Commission’s agenda, what would you present as a more current 1+3 model and why? In other words, bring me up to date with college athletics: concerns, issues, etc. You are encouraged to be creative in your response. (Hint: use for information, in addition to our class materials, PPT, etc.) (20)In your opinion, is the concept of “Sport Ethics” an oxymoron? Why or why not? (20)In my opinion, I think sports ethics is not an oxymoron because,What do you view as the 3 most important ethical dilemmas in the sport today? Be specific (e.g., not “cheating”) and avoid “Steroids and Performance Enhancement.” Please don’t include college sports as that is covered in question #1. Choose one and discuss how you, as a sport administrator, would go about resolving this dilemma (or fixing this problem). (20)We have discussed various theories of ethics (in our text and otherwise), and models ofethical decision making (i.e., Kohlberg, Rest, etc.). Realizing that one theory or model may not completely satisfy or encompass your views, what is YOUR theory of ethics? In other words, what guidelines and/or principles do you employ when making ethical decisions? Support your response using appropriate references. These may include readings, handouts, or other materials from class or elsewhere. (20)We have discussed problems and issues in sport ethics all semester. Now it’s time for solutions. How do you suggest we as sport administrators go about solving these problems? Use references and outside materials for support. (Hint: Mullane’s chapter which is posted under “Course Materials” might get you started). (20)

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