For 1 only use the poem “LXV” to answer the question.
1.The shift in syntax in lines 9–11 is likely designed to:
A.provide a parallel structure to the lines 1–3.
B.mimic the fleeting nature of thoughts with informal open form poetry.
C.imitate the rhyme scheme found in a sonnet.
D.illustrate the growing distance of the birds with lines that grow in length.
E.show the speaker’s loss through lack of meter.
Use both poems to answer questions 2 and 3
2.Both of the poems use which of the following
devices, to what purpose?
A.caesura to create rhythm
B.anaphora to create consistency
C.alliteration to create playfulness
D.parallel structure to create irony
E.enjambment to create cause and effect
3.How do the themes in the two poems differ?
A.One theme in “Swallows” is the creation of joy, while a theme in “LXV” is the loss of that same type of joy.
B.One theme in “Swallows” is the necessity of movement, while a theme in “LXV” is the necessity of limitations.
C.One theme in “Swallows” is the importance of the spectator, while a theme in “LXV” is the importance of the subject.
D.One theme in “Swallows” is the beauty of freedom, while a theme in “LXV” is the loss felt when witnessing that freedom
E.One theme in “Swallows” is the power of the creative spirit, while a theme in “LXV” is the necessary constraints on creativity.The post poem-practice-questions first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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