Post a reply to two of your classmates responses. You will comment on two of yo

Post areply to two of your classmates responses.You will comment on two of your classmates responses.In a paragraph ortwo (minimum 100 words), as a reply to a classmatespost,answer the following questions. You will need to do this twice for twodifferent classmates. For each, reply to their post by reflecting on theirresponse and building upon their application of psychological disorders byanswering all the following questions:1. Do youagree with your fellow student’s application? When necessary,point to specificsymptoms and provide examples to support yourdiscussion.2. In youropinion, what can we do as a society to not carelessly labelpeople withpsychological disorders, just because their behavior is extreme or uncommon.3. Do youthink the behavior discussed in the original post would beconsidered abnormalby people in other societies and cultures?#1 PostThere are many greatmovies that portray people with psychologicaldisorders, but the movie thatstuck out to me the most was Shutter Islandby MartinScorsese. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) suffers fromDelusional disorder. Delusional disorder is described as, “false,unusual, andsometimes magical beliefs that are not part of an individual’sculture”(474). An example provided from our textbook, “ExperiencePsychology” for adelusional person may think they are someone who they are not, such as JesusChrist or Muhammad.The movie starts off whenTeddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshall, and his partner,Mark Ruffalo are investigatinga missing person at Ashecliffe Hospital, aninsane asylum located on a secludedisland. We later find Teddy Daniels isnot a real person and it is created bythe inmate Andrew Laeddis who wasincarcerated for murdering his wife. Theportrayal of how Laeddis createsand believing he is a federal agent sent toinvestigate a crime at the insane asylum when he is actually a patient thereprovides a perfect example of the delusional disorder. Attached with thisdisorder is hallucination. In one of the scenes, Laeddis can be seen holdinghis wife in disbelief when all of asudden, she turns into ash. Laeddis washallucinating that his wife was still alive after knowing he had killed her fordrowning their kids.# 2 PostThe show, Moonknight, portrays mental illness in an interesting way. In thebeginning, we are introduced to two different characters, Steven and Marc.Steven appears to be an Englishman working in a gift shop in a museum. On theother hand, Marc is an American and a mercenary. The two seem to be completelydifferent characters, each living their own life. Every time Steven wakes upfrom his sleep, he has gaps in his memories and lacks anyrecollection ofanything that happened at night; however, he does notrealize that days havepassed. Their situation may not reflect the mostrealistic interpretation ofmental illness, but its underlying problem is rooted in mental illness. Uponreviewing his own memories, Steven realizes that he does not have certainmemories, such as when he was a child. Having gaps in memories is a symptom ofdissociative personality disorder. Eachpersonality is also unaware of oneother. Each personality only appearsdepending on a certain trigger. In fact,the multiple personalities that Marcdevelops is due to childhood trauma. As achild, Marc protects himself by ”dissociating” in response to trauma.Unlike Marc, Steven is more upbeat and optimistic and views everything in apositive light, for the most part, whichhelps to protect himself when dealingwith stressful situations. From dealing with childhood trauma for so long, thissplit personality remains and persists throughout his lifetime. While notcompletely accurate, this show reflectsthe fantastical side of mental illnessand what goes on in a person’s brain. It depicts the varying personalities andthe fragmentation of Marc as a person and shows his journey with learning abouthimself and how he copes withhis condition.

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