prepare and submit a paper on the concept of group communication.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the concept of group communication. We tried to know each other and we were all surprised that Yanelli and Cassy shared a birthday. We selected roles based on responsibilities that each person felt comfortable with. Due to her eloquence, Cassy took the role of conducting interviews while the other duties were shared out.
In the storming stage, all members gave their ideas on how they wanted the project to be undertaken (30). Akeem was very passionate in advocating that we should go to the beach on Fridays to conduct the interviews so as to have free time on the weekends. On the contrary, Vilma and I felt that weekends were more appropriate since there would be more people. Yanelli and I were of the opinion that any day would be appropriate as long we had time. The other pertinent question was on the choice of beach. I proposed that we choose a beach that was in close proximity for ease of access and cost reduction. Akeem was of the same idea but he wanted the place to be fancy. The other members wanted us to select a fairly distant place to allow us to explore new experiences.
The establishment of group norms was also clear in our group (35). Akeem dropped his quest to spare all weekends for personal matters but proposed a more flexible arrangement. We eventually agreed that interviews would be conducted over the weekends and informal group meetings would take place any day after a twenty-four hours notice. After a heated debate, we decided to compromise on the choice of the beach by selecting a location that was not so far but not so near.

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Leadership was an important consideration to ensure the effectiveness and success of the group (160). We selected Vilma as our leader since she exhibited great confidence and she had visited most of the beaches in the area. She exhibited transformational leadership by inspiring us to keep on with the project despite the challenges (169). For instance, due to the intense workload, some members suggested that we cook the interview results. However, Vilma managed to convince real interviews would enlighten us and it was morally wrong to fake the interview data. Over the course of the project, emergent leadership occurred when Yanelli began to be more active in the group (170). Yanelli took the role of liaison by coordinating the interviews and organizing for the required materials. He offered a voice recorder and also researched extensively on the questions for the interviews. Yanelli was always among the first people to arrive during meetings and he was very vocal. He called all members after the meetings to seek their ideas on any improvements on the issue of interviews.
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