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i have a group project and number 5 and 8 are my 2 sections i need done . Topic for assignment: “Prescriptive Authority” It will need to be in power point form. I can add the audio if you can type the info to be read in the notes. Thank you i have attached the assignment details
Webquest information:

The following should be incorporated in our WebQuest:

1. The health care problem/public policy issue
2. A link to your presentation
3. A transcript of the presentation
4. What the government’s response to this problem has been previously (i.e., what has been done in terms of laws, rules, regulations, or programs; if the issue has never been addressed, you will discuss what needs to be done)
5. Your assessment of the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services
6. Your proposed bill, either on the state or federal level, advancing your proposed change
7. Why these changes are important and a discussion of what opportunities nurses have to become involved in the design of this program
8. Your advice on how the program can be implemented
9. A summary of the Project
10. The credits page

We should all choose two sections and make sure they are finished in order to divide the work evenly. I will make sure that numbers 1 and 4 are done. Please refer to the website link that I provided in my previous post for direction in creating the webquest. Also, what was our public policy?Dimas


Timothy Enfinger
11 hours agoPerhaps I am over analyzing this “Webquest” idea. Is it just a PowerPoint presentation of our topic based on information gained from researching the web?I believe we picked “Prescriptive Authority” as our topic. I was working on how we want to address that topic. We could:1- Identify prescriptive authority2 – Identify the states that our five members reside within and define the parameters of our states.3 – Compare and contrast the prescriptive authorities in these five states.4 – Try to identify reasons why states differ in this subject5 – Maybe even compare a Nurse practitioner to a physician assistant if they differ in the states. 6 – Proposed bill could mention how if we can raise all states to the consensus model, and allow NPs to equalize prescriptive authority That is my current train of thought on the topic. Certainly room for variations or additional information.

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