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General Education Program Information
This assignment assesses the following general education competencies:
Critical Thinking
GED3C1: Demonstrate clarity and logic in asking relevant questions and acquiring knowledge.
GED3C2: Apply appropriate critical inquiry strategies (e.g., inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis) to issues and questions.
GED3C3: Make informed decisions based on historical, current, reliable, and valid information.
My Topics are: Mental Health, mass incarceration, and education.
ADELMAN, L. (2020). Is Mass Incarceration Here to Stay? Raritan, 40(2), 73–84. Deitch, M. (2020). But Who Oversees the Overseers? The Status of Prison and Jail Oversight in the United States. American Journal of Criminal Law, 47(2), 207–273. Harlow, C. W., Jenkins, H. D., & Steurer, S. (2010). GED holders in prison read better than those in the household population: Why? Journal of Correctional Education, 61(1), 68–92. Hrabowski, Freeman A., & Robbi, J. (2002). The Benefits of Correctional Education. Journal of Correctional Education, 53(3), 96–99.
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