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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Problem Prevention Plan. PROBLEM PREVENTION PLAN goes here of goes here goes here April 05, Introduction Effective room management is one of the main tasks for every teacher. “Effective classroom management is about the teacher keeping the students actively involved in the entire lesson” (Waxler, 2005). Various problems occur if a teacher does not possess appropriate skills to manage the classroom. To tackle those problems, teachers develop effective classroom management strategies, which not only help the teachers deal with the problems but also result in creating a peaceful learning environment in the classroom.
Rules for Effective Classroom Management
In grade five, the children are usually 8 to 10 years of age and are in the process of developing their behaviors. Therefore, I have decided to include such rules for the classroom that will help me improve the behaviors of the children.

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Coming School on Time
Punctuality is the first rule, which I have developed for the children. In creating this rule, I consulted my senior teachers because they have much experience regarding students’ issues. I wanted to create this rule because when the students come late, they cannot pick the lessons efficiently creating problems for themselves. Therefore, in order to make them learn effectively, I have ordered them to come to the classroom within time.
Learning Lessons within Time
Next rule for the students is to learn their lessons within time. I took the students in confidence and educated them the importance of revision before implementing this rule. “Teachers who involve their children in the rule making process contend that students are more likely to follow them” (Davies, n.d.). When the students do not revise their lessons on the day they are delivered, it puts burden on them when the exams come. Therefore, in order to make students learn and revise their lessons daily and to reduce the course overload in exams, I implemented the rule to learn the lessons within time.
Group Work
Another rule for the students is to work in groups for some specific tasks. I discussed this rule with my senior teachers in order to get their viewpoints. Almost all teachers appreciated my decision. Group work not only promotes harmony among the students but also creates a task-oriented learning environment in the classroom. Therefore, in order to promote interactions among the students, I implemented the rule of group work for the students for some specific tasks.
Another rule is to ensure discipline in the classroom. I implemented this rule after consulting my senior teachers and the principal. Weak discipline codes not only create problems for the whole classroom but also affect the behavioral development of the students. Therefore, in order to ensure discipline, I made the students respect the teacher, listening to the teacher, and use manners in the classroom. “The classroom that is organized and filled with students who listen to and respect their teacher is a classroom that can almost run itself” (Dobson, 2010).
Summing it up, effective classroom management is essential for the success of a teacher. There exist many classroom management rules, which help the teachers create a controlled and peaceful learning environment for the students. Teachers need to develop some effective rules not only to deal with the problems of the students but also to create a peaceful learning environment in the classroom.
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