Process Essay 4 Step 2: Writing An Annotated Bibliography
Research Step 2: Writing an Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to give opportunity to organize all of your source information and to have a clear idea about how the sources specifically address your research proposal.
How to Complete this Assignment:

Identify all of your outside sources. This assignment requires 6 outside sources, three of which are scholary.
For each source, type up the complete citation and a summary of the source (one paragraph). Then, for each source, write a few sentences that indicate how the sources connect to your research proposal. Your sources should be listed alphabetically.

Process Essay 4 Step 3: Writing an Expanded Outline
Research Step 3: Writing an Expanded Outline
The purpose of this assignment is to give the opportunity write out a complete outline before you begin writing your essay.
How to Complete this Assignment:

Write out a draft of the introductory paragraph of your essay. Your introductory paragraph should include a reference to the literary work that serves as the basis of your research. Your paragraph should also include your working (draft) thesis.
Following the introductory paragraph, provide a detailed outline indicating how you intend to support your thesis, including how the six sources fit in.

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