professional orientation and ethics in counseling.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on professional orientation and ethics in counseling. Needs to be plagiarism free! The human generation is able to witness developments in almost the entire area of life. But all such developments are limited to the improvements of physical standards rather than ethical or moral standards. Physical developments are immense so that the people are deliberately forgetting about the importance of morality in personal and professional life. The challenges of the modern world force them to avoid ethical standards from their life. “Even in areas such as medicine where there is a history of ethical codes and an awareness of the need of ethics, unethical behavior continues to occur” (Campbell, p.12)
I have born and brought up in a traditional religious family and hence the importance of morality or ethical standards in personal and professional life has been transferred to me by my parents. They were able to segregate between the good and the evil and guided me immensely in developing my personality strictly adhered to ethical standards. I tried to keep as much as ethical standards in my studies during my school and college days like avoiding all types of malpractices in the examination or other areas of the learning process. Most of my friends used false means like preparing the assignments using professional services or influencing teachers to help them in their examinations etc. But I never tried such tricks to get better grades. One of my friends also has the same attitudes as me and he also kept strict ethical standards in his student life.
My friend got a teacher’s job in one of the famous schools in America and he tried to teach the students strictly in accordance with his ethical standards. He never allowed students to engage in any type of malpractices to secure higher grades and hence the students generated treated him as their enemy. Though my friend was able to overcome the immense pressure exerted by the students to compromise upon the ethical standards, the treatment from the school management was irritating for him. The principal once called him and asked him to liberalize his methods of teaching.&nbsp.

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