project on health and safety in hotels based on a proposal

– The project should be based on the proposal attached
-The project should be no longer than 5 pages plus refrences
– The project report should contain the following items: 1. Project title: If specific title is not provided/selected, depending on the work you are performing to do the project, select suitable project title to reflect the work. 2. Project report format: the report should, in general, contain the following sections (chapters): a. Title page consisting of Course no., course name, project title, student’s name, instructor’s name, department name, and semester and year. b. Abstract: a maximum of one page summarizing the work done (why, what, how, results, conclusion/s) c. Introduction/Background: why the project is important, its relevance to the course, what have been done in the past in this field, etc. d. Objective (it need not be a separate section; if there is only one objective, it can be the last paragraph of (c). This is “What” of the project (what do want to achieve?) e. Methods and Procedure: this is the “How” of the project. How do you plan to achieve the objective/s. It should consist of: the participants (if human subjects are used), devices/apparatuses, analytical methods (statistical or otherwise), stepby-step procedure used for collecting the data, etc. f. Results and discussion: this contains the data collected and the analysis of the data. This will consist mainly of two subsections, viz., descriptive statistics (summarizing of the data) and inferential (analysis) statistics. Any discrepancy or explanation should be here under discussion. g. Conclusion and Recommendation: This is based on your objective/s (whether you achieved the objective/s or not, or what is the result of test of your hypothesis, if any, etc.). Any recommendation for extension of the work in future, further research with changed conditions, etc., will be here. h. Reference/s: if information have been retrieved for the project from other sources, these sources have to be entered here with proper citations in the main text. It should follow APA format. i. Appendix: anything that is relevant to the project but need not be in the main text has to be included here. A word of caution: The above guidelines are for any project report. Some project need all the items mentioned above while others may not need all, depending on the extent (mini-project or class project or senior design project, etc.). Regarding the amount of work required or the length of report, it is not the volume or the number of pages that counts; it is the content that matters. However, if the project carries 20 points, the amount of work should reflect at least one fifth of total semester hours. The content should be sufficient to reflect relevant items from above and should be able to clearly explain what was done. Do not leave anything for the instructor to interpret.

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