question sci115

Pick one of the following topics and write a primary post. Also, please make a substantive reply to one of your fellow students.
Topic 1. Cooperative relationships between microorganisms. Gearin (2016) describes cooperative relationships between different species of microscopic organisms called syntrophy. Answer the following two questions about this arrangement:

(a) What are the main characteristics of their partnership?
(b) How does each species benefit?

Topic 2. The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid and its bacterial endosymbiont. In a 4 minute video clip (iBioEducation, 2013), Bonnie Bassler explains the relationship between the Hawaiian Bobtail squid and it’s endosymbiont, the bacterium Vibrio fisheri. Answer the following two questions about this arrangement:

(a) What are the main characteristics of the partnership between these two species?
(b) How does each species benefit?

Topic 3. Hazardous Research on Viruses. In a editorial, 3 years ago, Marc Lipsitch (2014) blasted certain types of virus research as too risky. My immediate gut reaction was that Prof. Lipsich was unduly scaring the public by overstating the risks. Upon further reflection, I’ve come to the opinion that Prof. Lipsitch’s concerns may well be justified. Based on the articles by Lipsitch (2014) and Wahlberg (2014) answer the following two questions:

(a) What are the benefits and the risks of this research?
(b) Do you feel this research should go forward (and why)?

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Lipsitch, M. (2014, June 29). Anthrax? That’s not the real worry. [Op-Ed]. The New York Times. Retrieved from…
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