:Read CDC’s Guide to Writing Social Media

For this Assignment, please follow the directions provided below:

Read CDC’s Guide to Writing Social Media.
Pick one risky adolescent behavior or one acute or chronic condition that is prevalent in your clinic setting (adolescent or older adult). For example: Topic: Depression Self-Help for Adolescents
For the condition selected write a proposal on a social media tool you will develop to increase awareness about the condition you selected or to teach patients or other health care teams about the condition.

Please follow the format provided:

Title of your Project
Objectives (at least three)
Target Audience (consider health literacy of your audience you are trying to reach)
Identify your Social Media Platform (Blog, App, Facebook, etc.) and the rationale why you picked the platform
Identify the topic(s) that will be covered in your social media platform must be about health promotion and/or maintenance or screening. The topics should be evidence-based.

Example: Title: Teenage “Blues”

Symptoms of Depression (discuss what symptoms you will include and the language should be appropriate to your audience)Example: “moody or easily angered,” “inability to concentrate”

When to Seek HelpExample: “Call the Suicide Hotline if you feel like hurting yourself – 1800 Suicide.

Discuss the importance of collaborative care (patient/family roles, health care team roles) in primary care setting.

Discuss 1 example of collaborative care experience you experienced in clinic.
Discuss the greatest area of learning from this assignment.

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