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Argumentative Essay:
Rogerian vs. Toulmin
The Rogerian form of argument was created by Carl Rogers, a psychologist, and is one of several models or philosophies. Rogers’s theory of argument was that the arguer who wishes to convince another person should minimize any possibility of hostility to the argument. His goal was that the two sides should solve the problem together. Both arguers should qualify their arguments and understand the validity of the other side.
Those who are in favor of this kind of argument usually contrast it with the Toulmin, based on the Aristotelian, which is more confrontational and refutes the other side as unacceptable. The Rogerian model respects and accepts other truths and is particularly useful when the topic has the possibility of becoming emotional and/or hostile. The ultimate goal is to reach a compromise based on common ground between the sides.
Questions to consider:
Do you consider Molly Ivins essay “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns” a Rogerian argument or a Toulmin argument?
Is Ivins using neutral language in her argument?
How does Ivins’ essay relate to Public Safety?
What type of Public Safety concerns is Ivins’ raising? And what is her solution?
What types of solutions can you think of when considering gun safety?
Essay Outline:
Using the essay structure sheet that is attached, please break down Molly Ivins’ – Major and Minor points. What is the thesis of the article? Do you believe the conclusion to be effective?The post reading-assignment-argumentative-essay-1 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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