Readings MLA APA Harvard Vancouver Lundahl, B. W., & Hull, G. (2014). Applied Hu

ReadingsMLAAPAHarvardVancouverLundahl, B. W., & Hull, G. (2014). Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment. Pearson Education (US). name, First Initial. Second Initial. Year of Publication. Title of Book (Edition of book if later than 1st ed). Publisher name.Check for accuracy before useUse your Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment text to read the following:Chapter 14, “Family Influences on Human Behavior.”This chapter provides a description of the five stages of family life cycle, identifies the five factors common to successful marital relationships, and identifies the diversity in family structures. From this chapter, you gain an understanding of the types of influences on family formation by family of origin as well as an understanding of transitions in family cycles.Use the Capella library to read the following:Fuller-Iglesias, H. R., Webster, N. J., & Antonucci, T. C. (2015). The complex nature of family support across the life span: Implications for psychological well-being. Developmental Psychology, 51(3), 277–288.This study examines the complex role of family networks in regard to shaping adult psychological well-being over time. The authors examine the unique and interactive longitudinal influences of family structure, and negative family relationship quality on psychological well-being among young, middle-aged, and older adults. While we know the influence of family on child development, much less is known about that influence on adult ongoing development.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Explain a selected social work theory.( DISCUSSION DIRECTIONS)Factors Affecting FamiliesThink about your understanding of the influence of family on human development. Explore factors that may (either positively or negatively) impact healthy family development. Examples may include death, divorce, parental absences (such as deployments or incarceration), blended families, and the list goes on.Select one fact that impacts families and explain at least two ways the factor affects human development. Use evidence from the literature to support your post.Complete your initial post by Thursday of this unit.Response GuidelinesRespond to the post of at least one learner who chose a different factor affecting families. Discuss how the presented issue may impact your future social work practice. Complete your response by Sunday of this unit.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Define a psychosocial crisis.Apply social work theory to professional practice.ResourcesDiscussion Participation Scoring Guide.APA Style and Format.The Complex Nature of Family Support Across the Life Span.

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