Recommendations about How to Deal with Racism in Australian Schools.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Recommendations about How to Deal with Racism in Australian Schools. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Racism is more prevalent in countries that have multicultural societies, showing ethnically divergent populations, like in Australia. Such a divergent social fabric may have resulted from a sudden influx of a large number of immigrants, owing to liberal immigration policies. Recent racial tensions in Australia have sparked a worldwide debate on how to deal with this social evil of racism, in the context of the twenty-first-century globalized world.
Australia, a modern democratic society, has been created by the contributions of various immigrants coming from different parts of the world. It thus reflects the true nature of what is perceived as a multicultural society. “Australia has become and continues to evolve as a society of diverse cultures oriented to a common core of political, social, economic and cultural institutions… “multiculturalism” [in the context of Australia], carries three key implications – heritage culture preservation and survival, inter-cultural engagement and synergies, and capacity to operate as global citizens” (Jakubowicz, 2009, 1). These implications can be best integrated into the modern social fabric, through the values imparted through education while teaching school children.
A school, undoubtedly, is the best place to impart education on religious, cultural, gender and social equality. and to train young minds to look beyond all kinds of disparities, and to respect each other’s values and cultures. A positive learning environment will discourage all kind of racism, violence, vandalism, or even bullying while taking care that each student is given equal attention, and all their problems are taken care of. While developing this positive learning atmosphere within a school educational framework, the teacher forms the most important resource which one can effectively use to combat racism.

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