Reflective Practice in Regulating COPD.

I will pay for the following article Reflective Practice in Regulating COPD. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Early warning scoring was immediately undertaken to determine the severity of the condition based on observable symptoms. The patient scored 6 on the EWS and the attending physicians immediately prescribed a salbutamol nebulizer and oxygen therapy. After 15 minutes, based on clinical observation, the patient’s condition improved. His respiratory rate was lowered to 23 and heart rate at 123 bpm. However, his blood pressure dropped further to 95/55mmHg. Despite exhibiting signs of improvement, the patient’s EWS rose to 8 and contravened the clinical observations. The intensive care specialist was immediately called in to intervene.
In the case described above, there was a need to develop reflective practice in nursing care delivery especially in emergency cases. Relying on observable symptoms may not be enough to make a correct diagnosis and decision. The intent of this discourse is to demonstrate the effective use of the reflective model framework to execute the Greenwood’s Level 2 (2002) framework for reflection.
Greenwood’s (2002) framework for reflection is composed of six stages. The first involves a description in detail of the event. The second stage includes how assumptions, beliefs, values, and attitudes of an individual are reflected in his/her actions. Stage three is evaluation. The nursing care practitioner evaluates if the measures employed are consistent with nursing care delivery standards. Stage four is an analysis of the event. This involves more detailed inquiry on the items evaluated in the previous stage on which aspect of nursing-related theories was relevant in the choice of action taken. Stage five is synthesis. At this stage, the individual already developed his own insights. The nursing practice is also able to view the situation at all angles. It is also at this stage that the individual developed alternatives to the actions undertaken previously to improve outcomes.

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