Regulations of a Democratic Country.

I will pay for the following article Regulations of a Democratic Country. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Democracy can be seen at its best in some countries while in some other countries the same thing cannot be said even though they claimed to be so.
Political stability is strongly associated with the strength of democracy in a country. Politically nonstable countries cannot be considered as strong democracies since political stability is one of the measuring units which determine the success of democracy in a country. Long-standing democracies always will have political stability.
Pakistan is considered to be a democratic country by the Pak government and the Pak people. But external political observers may not fully agree with the above statement, especially under the present circumstances. In a democratic country, judiciary, executive, and parliament are considered as essential entities. Democracy will be strengthened in a country when these three forms of democracy combine well and function together. We have witnessed the removal of Pak Supreme court judge by the former Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf which created a lot of problems in Pakistan. Judiciary is considered as an independent body functioning in a democratic country. Normally a democratic government will respect the rulings of the Supreme Court in that country even if they have different opinions. It is the duty of the judiciary to interpret the constitutional rights in the correct manner whenever a conflict arises in the country. The democratic governments will never try to interfere in the functioning of the judiciary even though the topic of who is having more power, the government or the judiciary is still under the debate. Whenever a conflict arises between the government and the judiciary the democratic principles will be weakened. Some people argue that the parliament should have the upper hand over the judiciary since the parliament consists of elected members by the people. As per the democracy definition, the people of a democratic country have the supreme power and hence the parliament which consists of the elected members should have the upper hand over the judiciary.

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