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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Renewable Energy. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The source of solar energy is practically unlimited, and it is accessible and able to be used in many parts of the world. However, to plan and design proper energy conversion systems, solar energy experts must be equipped with appropriate knowledge of harvesting the energy. Trieb (2005), among others, did research on the aspect of solar irradiation, which is electromagnetic radiation from the sun’s rays. They found that outside the earth’s atmosphere, the solar irradiance on a surface perpendicular to the sun’s rays at a mean distance between the world and the sun practically remains unchanged throughout the year. According to Bailey et al. (1997), its value is now accepted to be 1.367W/m2. “This figure is estimated to be about 1,000W/m2 on the earth’s surface when the sky is clear”.
When the sun’s surface temperature is almost 6000K, the sun’s electromagnetic irradiance is spread over wavelengths ranging from 0.3 to 3µm. About 50% of solar irradiance is infrared, 40% is visible light, and 10% is ultraviolet radiation. However, it is challenging to evaluate solar irradiance at the earth’s surface due to its interface with the atmosphere, which contains aerosols, clouds, trace gases, and water vapor that are temporal and vary geographically.
Solar irradiance is typically reduced by almost 90% atmospheric conditions on cloudy days and about 40% on clear, dry days. According to Solomon et al. (2007), solar irradiance on the earth’s surface is 198W/m2 on average.

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The two primary components of solar irradiance striking the earth’s surface are: beam solar irradiance, which comes unswervingly from the sun’s disk, and diffuse irradiance, emanating from the whole of the sky other than the sun’s disk. The sum of these two components makes the global solar irradiance.
Some of the factors that determine the magnitude of solar energy used are metrological conditions, demands for energy services, and land availability. The assessment methodologies and the technical potential do vary geographically. As described by Krewitt et al. (2009). The solar electricity technical potential for photovoltaic (PV) cells and the concentrating solar power (CSP) plant depends on the future development of technology improvements, land use exclusion, and solar irradiance availability.
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