Reply to Discussion post below Professional Development and Certification-meraw

Reply to Discussion post belowProfessionalDevelopment and Certification-merawProfessionaldevelopment and certification are becoming increasingly competitive and areconstantly changing, so professional development and continual learning aremore important than ever in being successful and achieving goals. Many fieldsrequire professionals to participate in continuing education and ongoinglearning, sometimes as a prerequisite for keeping their job. The purpose of professionaldevelopment is to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help one intheir job and further their career. Professional development givesprofessionals the opportunity to apply new skills.ProfessionalGoalsIhave chosen 3 objectives to meet my professional goals, (1) Gain new skill setsand qualifications by attending professional training courses, such ascompleting a master’s degree with Walden University. With endless dedication, Iam completing what I began numerous years ago. To gain a new skill set andqualifications within my new role as a nurse leader, I plan to take it insections as I learn each new skill which will enable me to build on a stablefoundation, (2) Learn how to develop time management skills, time management isnecessary for every job, but as a nurse leader manager should be efficient goalsetting, planning, able to prioritize and set long and short term goals, (3)Improve communication skills in the workplace, strong communication skillsbuild trust, ease tensions (with patients, staff, and providers), increasepositive patient outcomes, and helps boost professional satisfaction.Communication is vital for understanding others, disseminating information,soliciting suggestions and ideas, gaining support for change initiatives, andincreasing productivity, (Roussel, Thomas & Harris, 2020)ProfessionalCertificationAcertification provided by a professional organization that would be of interestto me is the Executive Nurse, (NE-BC), its competencies provide a valid andreliable assessment of the entry-level knowledge and skills of nurses with unit,team, service line department, or program influence, they make day to day,tactical decisions and they are visible to the workforce. This accreditationwould be beneficial to me because I would like to mentor others and staycurrent in my specialty areas in ways that other nurses do not. The specializedtechniques and skills that healthcare professionals acquire through systematicprograms of study are the basis for socialization into their profession, (Fries& Fottler, 2018).ReadinessEvaluationIwill immediately after this week’s assignment sign up for the competencies toget this accreditation, it will enhance my limited executive nurse skills, andmaximize the skillset I maintain currently with various leadership experiences,good leadership is a foundational requirement for an organization in anyindustry to be efficient and effective, (Martin,2019).

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