Representative of Asian American Experience.

Write 10 pages with APA style on Representative of Asian American Experience.
The minor groups living here are suffering the problems of identity and existence. They want to be recognized as Americans but at the same time they cannot keep their own culture away from their life. They cannot forget their originality and the native people always make them aware about their ethnic originality. Many books were written on the problem of Asian American communities in America. Many movies hit the box office disclosing the problems of these people. Many documentaries have been made on these minority groups.
Here in this essay we are trying to find out which creative work is best suitable to represent Asian American culture and community.

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Asian Americans are only five percent of the entire US populations. Even though they have a very rich culture they often suffer by the crisis of distinctiveness because the native people from America have nothing to do with their culture even if it is rich. The purpose of this paper is to focus Asian and American culture from different perceptive and with the reference of different means of media such as films, documentary, feature films etc.
Before taking into consideration the different above mentioned factors, Lets discuss about what is the term “Asian Americans.” This is a wide study which encompasses the wide range of topic as well as theatrical approaches. We can explore the concept “Asian American” by considering various fields such as psychology, history, sociology, politics, economics, literary texts and the films which are the representatives of Asian American culture. For this research paper we have included two feature films.
First is “Chan is missing” and second is “Better Luck Tomorrow,” then a documentary, “Who Killed Vincent Chin?” and the graphic novel “Donald Duk,” by Frank Chin.
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