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Red Clay Renovations faithfully will need to approve cyber security policy in every day-to-day activity. This policy should include the roles and responsibilities of those individuals for Red Clay Renovations. All employees should be compliant which this policy and it should not only should it include employee’s roles but also the roles for the sub-contractors and third-parties who have access and resources to Red Clay Renovations. Red Clay Renovations should make it their high priority to empathize the confidentiality, integrity and availability as found in the pillars of information assurance (Information Warfare Site, 2018). This policy resources are so in depth that it will be done in staged on what can be applied in the Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Culture and Compliance Initiative. This will be precisely addressing the culture shift in individual responsibility and hold everyone accountability in risk management strategy.
Because your culture is made up of the sum of all employees and team members’ beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, a shift in your culture will require you a shift individual belief, thought, and behaviors. Start by defining what is your desired belief, thoughts and behaviors that you want to see on your team so that you know what your future state is that you are creating. To understand the ever-increasing technology in the workplace and how culture impacts the relevance of cybersecurity. The main goal for the policy should be to implement the awareness that human interface with technology is the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. The root cause of breaches was human interaction of malicious attacks in the past (Schraider, 2017). With that being known and acknowledge by Red Clay Renovation they can understand what proper actions need to be taking within the company for their network system and employee’s. All employee’s, contractors and anyone who has access to Red Clay Renovation will need to understand what will be protect and what will be the consequence if failure to follow the policy. Therefore, anyone having access to Red Clay Renovation will need better capability and bring up any concerns they might have.
Now that will have all employees, sub-contractors knowing that Red Clay Renovation will be implementing a new updated policy it will be the management side to get everyone’s attention and holding everyone accountable for their actions. Red Clay Renovation will need all employees, temporary, sub-contractors and third-parties to acknowledge the new policy roles and responsibilities for a sign and read for their records. This is to ensure everyone’s best interest and similarities found with the DoD Cybersecurity Culture and Compliance Initiative. The individual responsibility of an employee must be clear in reference to best practice and knowledge as previously mentioned. All individual must understand that the responsibility and accountability of their actions go hand-in-hand. There must disciplinary actions taken if any individual is found in violation of such a policy.
The pros of having culture shift can be very beneficial for a company.

Respect for other culture: This could be the biggest benefit of them all for individual’s for of the idea of cultural relativism in the universal and respect for that different culture and countries in the world. That one belief can let that person know what is right and if you isolate can turn into discriminates against people.
Excusable actions: with the cultural relativism nearly, any actions made can be passed of a cultural difference. While this may seem like a con, there are certainly pros to it. There is an overwhelming number of ideals in this world, and with social and other types of media, even the smallest action is made into a worldwide spectacle and debate. Understanding cultural relativism will help to alleviate much of this unnecessary debate.
Preserve Culture: meaning there are many times, culturally traditional things begin to shift and change in order to appease the world view of said culture. With cultural relativism, these traditions can stay in place. Tradition, of course, is the root of many cultures.

The opposite of pro the cons can be very threatening for a company.

Some actions are not excusable in many cultures use the theory as an excuse of appalling actions. Things such as extreme violence, crimes against children, domestic abuse, and many other things are overlooked and passed off as “culturally acceptable”, when in reality, they are not.
Having no judgment is still a judgment which meaning no moral judgment can be passed on any culture is truly a bias in itself. People begin to feel hostile because even if they deeply disagree with a cultural practice, there is seemingly nothing that they can do about it.
Good or Bad is a strange concept by determining what is deemed good and what is bad is an impossible thing. Each individual person, and not culture, has a different opinion on that. There is no one person who can deem morals to be correct or wrong. This is easily the biggest and most argued flaw with the idea of cultural relativism.

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