response 25 enteries of mistakes made from slip of the tongue.

Need an research paper on reading response 25 enteries of mistakes made from slip of the tongue. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Reading Response of 25 Entries of Mistakes Made from Slip of the Tongue s A speech error,according to Karolides (2013) is a defined as a deviation either conscious or unconscious from the intended form of an utterance. They comprise of: additions, deletions, exchange errors, perseveration, substitution, anticipation, and blends (Levelt, 2009).
Error: Bake my bike. Target: Take my bike.

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Error: cable of contents. Target: table of contents (sound)
Error widewalk. Target: sidewalk (sound)
Error: chocolate dough cookie dough. Target chocolate chip cookie dough (word).
Error: a stitch in nine saves nine. Target: a stitch in time saves nine (word).
The selection of lexical errors rests on semantic relations such as antonymy, synonymy or membership of similar lexical field. For example:
Error: He pulled a pantrum. Target: He pulled a tantrum.
Target: The pilot’s wife. Error: The pilot’s life.
Target: walk the beach. Error: walk the beak (sound)
Target: the rule of thumb. Error: the rule of rum (sound)
Target: a book read by six people. Error: a book read by 6 books
Target: leave no stone unturned. Error: leave no stone unstoned
&nbsp.Exchange (Metathesis)
Target: clean and bright. Error: glean and pright (voicing feature).
Target: officer. Error: ossifer (sound).
Target: thunder and lightning. Error: lunder and thightning (sound)
Target: chimichangas. Error: chichimangas (sound)
Target: slippery crags. Error: crippery slags (cluster of sounds)
Target: Are my keys in the door: Error. Are my doors in the key? (word)
Target: I went to Betsys baby shower yesterday. Error: I went to babys Betsy shower yesterday
Target: What kind of factors did we find?. Error: what kind of factors do we found… (past tense)
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