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J Winter
Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) & Affordable Care Act (ACA)
In 2010 the ACA was enacted into law, and this included very important provisions for the APN (Milstead, 2016). One of the most significant provisions being the inclusion of APN as accountable care organization (ACO) providers (Milstead, 2016). It also gave funding to APN education programs, and loan repayment programs have been expanded (Milstead, 2016). The ACA also gave funds to support nurse led health facilities (Buppert, 2015).
ACA & APN Improvements
Improved Healthcare with APNs
Nation-wide there is a shortage of primary care physicians which resulted in decreased access to care for many patients (Austria, 2015). The implementation and usage of APNs have filled the gap and increased access to care for many underserved populations and regions (Austria, 2015). Incorporating APNs into the care of underserved areas could also create an environment of health and prevention. However, with the scope of practice expanding and independent practice of the APN increasing, physicians fear it will overtime erode or have a negative impact on quality (Fontenot, 2014). To keep the professionalism and increase the quality of care special consideration must be placed on the education and training of the APN (Fontenot, 2014).
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