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Week 4 Discussion Question: Revenue and Performance Budgeting
Operating budgets consist of both revenues and expenses. Revenues are the amounts that organizations earn in exchange for services provided. Performance budgeting is a technique that evaluates the activities of a cost center in terms of what it is able to accomplish and the costs of accomplishing it.
Respond to the following:
• Compare and contrast revenue budgeting and performance budgeting.
• Determine which of the two budgets you think provides more useful information. Explain why.
Respond to the assigned questions using the lessons and vocabulary found in the reading. Support your answers with examples and research and cite the sources using APA format.
Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your peers as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion.

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