Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least 1 in a minimum of 150 word

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least 1 in a minimum of 150 words. Explain why you agree or disagree. Then, share an example from your professional experience to support your assertions.**Discussion Post**MarleneHi Dr. And all,Welcome to the last week all.An autonomous scholar has the responsibility to ensure that they are self-motivated. As a student, to advance my career and become an informed leader, I must sharpen my research skills. These will help in fulfilling the goals of the course. I will also be able to fully find and fill the gaps in my field of study. An autonomous scholar is also required to be open to new ideas and skills (Jones, 2013). I am therefore required to socialize with other classmates to ensure that we can share our thoughts and skills, which will make us better performers.As a future Leader it does require certain personality traits make a successful leader. Such traits include intellect, maturity, initiative flexibility, and decisiveness. Lubbadeh, T. (2020). For the next class my goals are to improve my skills set which will require taking challenges that will be new to me & others. As such, it is important to integrate leadership skills improvement in my plan, time management. It provides an overview of current knowledge, allowing me to identify relevant theories, methods, and gaps in the existing research which I will become familiar with Search for relevant literature, evaluate sources, identify themes, debates and gaps Outline the structure, and participating in different workshops. Mahoney, J (2019) Good leadership is able to transmit in a better understandable style about the new changes in the work process to evaluate, reevaluate and grow my improvement plan alongside my career path.The course has given me a good experience. This is because I have gained an opportunity to research different perspectives, making my arguments stronger. There has also increased my interest in research which is an essential part of my career. However, the week was challenging because I hard to study different sources to form an idea in my study. This was challenging because it involved reading and analyzing various sources where the authors offer other ideas. The challenge has, however made me a better student since it allowed me to view different perspectives.In conclusion, the Doc/723 will force me to think critically and consider the role of argument in research. Thus, reviewing the literature is research in and of itself and is about demonstrating my ability to conduct and carry out research.References:Jones, M. (2013, July). Issues in Doctoral Studies-Forty Years of Journal Discussion: Where have we been and where are we going? In Proceedings of the Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conference (pp. 83-104). Informing Science Institute.Lubbadeh, T. (2020). Emotional intelligence and leadership–the dark and bright sides. Publishing House of Rzeszow University of Technology, 39.Mahoney, J (2019). MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION. LBC 74.58 E23, 48.

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