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Assignment-3 – Individual Technical Survey Paper
CS/EE/CpE/Biom 480 is designated as a “W” course. This requires that every student in this course should demonstrate his/her ability to write a technical or overview paper following all the generally accepted criteria for such papers. This assignment is designed to document your proficiency in writing technical documents.
Your paper should be approximately ten pages long (about 4000 words). It should be written using technically correct language free of excessive jargon. In the introduction you can state the audience to which this paper is intended. The ABET accreditation organization requires that all students should be aware of the contemporary issues. To meet this expectation, you should dedicate the first two pages for a discussion of the new challenges facing the engineering and computer science community. Cyber Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Privacy and Confidentiality in Social Media are but a few of the many topics that fall into this category. The rest of the paper should address one of the topics listed below. You can also choose another topic, which is not in the list with the instructor’s approval.
Individual Paper Topics:

Smart Grid
Autonomous Vehicles
Advanced Navigation Systems
Vehicle Safety
Connected Vehicles
Internet of Things
Data Analytics
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Understanding
Image Processing
Technology in Homeland Security
Biometric Systems
Body Monitoring systems
Cyber Security
Infrastructure Protection
Advance Home Monitoring Systems
Cyber Physical Systems

Web links for writing a technical paper:

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Columbia University
Thoughts about writing a survey paper – University of Central Florida
Steps to write a survey paper – Researchpedia

Special Note
This paper should be written by you. Please do not use any “paper writing service” or programs that generate technical papers using specified keywords. All material not written by you should be clearly delineated and attributed. Excessive “cut and paste” without attribution or wholesale copying will result in a grade of “F” for the course. and make a references

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