role of ethics from different perspectives

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Whereas a small community requires only a little comprehension and agreement on the governing rules and foundations on a directing set of fundamental standards to guide the process. a global community has no prevailing constitution, principles or mores that could serve as a reference. What is deficient is a global organization for governance and an ethical structure as its reference. On a global scale, this link between ethics and governance can be heard effectively from the United Nations. As conveyed in a speech by Mr.
Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the results of the current events awaken us that “perhaps more sharply than ever before, of the strains and stresses that accompany globalization and the need for shared global values and effective global institutions to underpin the global market“ (1999). Still, the question remains: How will the pursued values be carried out, and how will its success for international governance be executed (Ethics for the 21st Century, 2001)?

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In a quest for a common ground by the global community, there must be room for proactive endeavor and intercultural exchange and discussion on ethics. The necessity for worldwide teamwork and solidarity on the ethical responses to existing problems are reflected in the different ethical schemes carried out by key intercontinental organizations. Nowadays, mankind witnesses unparalleled attempts worldwide encouraging expression on the ethical elements and challenges the contemporary world is confronted with.
This is a call for the international community to recognize the need for responsibility, transition, and cooperation in the common goal of ethical principles and values (Ethics for the 21st Century, 2001). The huge majority of the different efforts deal with specialized areas, such as biology, commerce, development, economics, environment, and technology which concern ethical issues within a specific field. They deal with the profound shared and ethical consequences of transitions and improvements such as in technology or science, obliging intellectuals to seek out fresh resolutions to ethical challenges.
However, such disciplines do not automatically have to cover the field of ethics.
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